At first, it looks like human artifice – a Photoshopped demonstration of ageing in action. But the image of truck driver William McElligott is actually a stark reminder of the destructive power of the sun. The left-hand side of the 66-year-old's face is deeply lined, pitted and sagging after 28 years of sun exposure through the side window of his lorry. The right-hand side, shaded by the cab as McElligott delivered milk around Chicago, is the taut, unblemished face of an apparently much younger man。


  McElligott didn't notice the developing asymmetry for 15 years and only sought treatment when his grandchildren asked him about the "bumps" on his face. Doctors were shocked, and his image was published in the New England Journal of Medicine as a striking example of unilateral dermatoheliosis, or photoageing, caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. The image demonstrates the danger to workers who might not regard themselves as at risk from the sun, according to Gill Nuttall, chief executive of Factor 50, a support group for people with skin cancer。

  麦克艾力哥特在过去的15年里都没有意识到左右脸的不对称,直到他的孙子问起他脸上的肿块时他才寻求治疗。医生们都震惊了。关于他的照片发表在了新英格兰医学期刊上,当作一个关于单面日射病或是光老化的典型例子。这两种病都是由于遭受过长的紫外线照射而引起的。据Factor 50组织的的首席执行官吉尔·纳托尔称,图片向工作者们揭示了危险,这些工作者们也许并不认为他们正遭受来自太阳紫外线的辐射危险。Factor 50是一个为皮肤癌患者提供援助的团体。

  Nuttall has written to Brendan Barber, general secretary of the TUC, urging unions to help raise awareness of the risks for workers, including those such as meter readers, taxi drivers and even sales reps who don't regard their job as being outdoors. "They don't perceive themselves to be in any kind of danger," she says。

  吉尔·纳托尔已经给英国劳工联合会的秘书长布兰登·巴伯(Brendan Barber)写了信,呼吁工会帮助提高劳工防范紫外线照射的意识,其中主要包括如下人群:抄表员、出租车司机,甚至是推销员。推销员们并不认为他们是在户外工 作。“他们没有意识到自己处在一种危险的环境中。”她说。

  She has seen severe sun damage on the hands of reps – exposed to sun through windscreens — who drive for a living because car windscreens do not protect from UVA rays. These rarely trigger obvious sunburn, unlike UVB rays, but cause most photo-ageing, and can also lead to skin cancer. Just as images of smoking-induced wrinkles have been used to appeal to the vanity of the young so charities hope that real images such as that of McElligott could shock people into protecting themselves。


  Skin cancer charity Skcin has used a similarly shocking illustration of the ageing effects of the sun in identical twins, one of whom worked outside all her life and one who worked in an office, in presentations. "It always generates a gasp," says Charlotte Fionda of Skcin. The image of McElligott might also have an impact on men who would otherwise not be worried by a few wrinkles, according to Fionda – provided people trust that the image is not fabricated。

  皮肤癌机构Skcin在他们的展出中也采用了一张类似令人震惊的图片。图片中是一对同卵双胞胎,其中一人的工作都是在户外,而另一人是在办公室内。“图片 总让人感到震惊。”皮肤癌机构Skcin的夏洛特·菲昂达说道。只要人们相信这张图片不是虚构的,那麦克艾力哥特的照片同样可以给忽略皱纹出现的男人们一 些触动。

  "The ageing bit is the one thing that makes people more aware and likely to take action - because they think skin cancer will never happen to them," she says。

  “只有出现一点点老化才能使人们提高意识,也更有可能会采取行动,因为他们认为皮肤癌从来不会发生在他们身上。” 她说。